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Big Shoe Stu And Dena Fox – Once In A Blue Moon

EMPE, AZ – JULY 28: Jen Welter puts on an Arizona Cardinals helmet after being named an intern coach to the team during a press conference on July 28, 2015 in Tempe, Arizona. Welter, who will work with the inside linebackers through training camp and the pre-season, is the first female to hold a coaching position of any kind in the NFL. (Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images)

It’s been way too long since we talked. Let’s see what Stu and Dena are up to! It’s all about the Blue Moon, Dena on the set of “Hawaii 5-0”, and the Arizona Cardinals’ new assistant coach, Jen Welter. We’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Please leave a comment and/or like us on Facebook (Big Shoe Stu & Dena Fox).

Tornadoes In Northern AZ, A Mood-lifting Plant, & Dena’s Halloween Craving

Just some of the tornado damage from 10-6-2010 Northern AZ

We’ve had some incredibly strange weather this week, and now that our friends in Bellemont and the Flagstaff area are cleaning up, behind every funnel cloud, there’s a silver lining. Also, sceletium tortuosum sounds like a spell from Harry Potter, but as soon as the professors are done using it…er, studying it, we might have a real miracle plant. We spend a minute on the Arizona Cardinals (no we don’t know why, either), and Dena has a wish for her birthday involving a new Halloween variation on her favorite candy. Lots of gab this week; if you enjoy it, or have a comment, please write something. Click the player below for the podcast!

Do you mind if we splice your salmon?

Dena and Stu set out to make a shorter podcast for you today, but somehow, we ended up with too many things to talk about. So it’s longer. We won’t charge you extra, deal?  Today we cover unplanned furniture moving, science experiments with the food we eat, planets nearly colliding  (give or take a half billion miles), and Keystone Cops or football team – you decide. Have a great week, and please feel free to let us know how you like that BIG salmon.

Defriending Dena, AZ Cards & the garbage can, elections, and nucular joolery relators

We are in a ranting sort of mood this week. Dena and Stu are making each other laugh – we hope it works over the internet. As we get close to primary election day in Arizona, we’re missing something in our early mail-in ballot envelope. And are you getting time-wasting, cell-minute-wasting calls? Be sure to leave us a comment below – and thanks!!