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Psy Ops With Dots, Discovery Launches, And Watch Out For Stray Homers

A bit late posting this from LAST Friday, February 25. Space Shuttle Discovery has been flying around and above us.  If you’re not lucky, will one of the Arizona Diamondbacks launch a baseball through your windshield? OK, it’s not too likely, but why not worry about it?  Plus those same people who brought us infiltration and interrogation are messing with the minds of congressmen and women. Explains a lot, doesn’t it? And guess when the price of a stamp will go up.

February 25, 2011 Podcast

Tornadoes In Northern AZ, A Mood-lifting Plant, & Dena’s Halloween Craving

Just some of the tornado damage from 10-6-2010 Northern AZ

We’ve had some incredibly strange weather this week, and now that our friends in Bellemont and the Flagstaff area are cleaning up, behind every funnel cloud, there’s a silver lining. Also, sceletium tortuosum sounds like a spell from Harry Potter, but as soon as the professors are done using it…er, studying it, we might have a real miracle plant. We spend a minute on the Arizona Cardinals (no we don’t know why, either), and Dena has a wish for her birthday involving a new Halloween variation on her favorite candy. Lots of gab this week; if you enjoy it, or have a comment, please write something. Click the player below for the podcast!