What Happened To Prescott? Are You Too Busy To Drive? Your License Is Expiring – Plus Something Fun For Your Graduate, And Hug Your Mom

Have you seen Prescott, Arizona, lately? Are they missing any franchises? When you DO take a great summer drive, count the busy drivers. There’s a new law about that, but Stu Evans and Dena Fox don’t think it goes far enough.

Love your Mom, and enjoy this little extra for your grad (or yourself, if you’re putting on a cap and gown):

Toys ‘R’nt’ Us, South Phoenix ‘R’ Growing, Baseball ‘R’ Expensive, Smells ‘R’ Free

Hey, it’s only been like half a year… Dena Fox and Big Shoe Stu keep promising more frequent and better podcasts. You’ll have to settle for this one. It’s about as random as we’ve ever been. Please leave a comment, and let us know if you don’t want those Cactus League baseball tickets. We’ll be happy to take ’em off your hands.

Stu’s New Cat, Dena In Retrograde, And Dark Side Of The Sun

In this episode, our former radio dj’s stare at the sun, so that you don’t have to. It’s almost time for the eclipse. We’ve waited 40 years, and we’re gonna have to wait some more. Dena examines

Mercury in retrograde, and all the challenges that can bring. (Stu remains skeptical.) And pay no attention to the cat in the room, until mayhem ensues.

Troublemaker hangs out for our podcast. (L-R) Stu, Piper, Dena


Bora Bora, The Rules of Karaoke, Trick My Barn, And Why Phoenix Wants You To Leave

We’re back! Not quite half a year since we all got together. These pictures should entice you to listen as Dena recounts her adventure in Bora Bora. Stu has rules to a sport you love or hate – karaoke! And let’s find out how to make big bucks from that crappy shed in your backyard. Leave us a comment, and we’ll try to talk again sooner.

There might have been cocktails involved here.
Dena says I should tell you this is a volcano. And I kept insisting it was the airport shuttle bus.

Holiday Cheers And Booze Or Boos, ‘Bye 2016!

In this episode, Big Shoe Stu and Dena Fox hit on small crowds in the stores (Dena says great, Stu says glass empty – no glass). Someone thinks Stu knows decorating, and farewell to 2016.