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Big Anniversary, Dena Sells Shiny Things, Just Say No To Oxy And Yes To Vinyl

Stu and his beloved Bunny just celebrated 30 years by doing the logical thing – surprise you’re married again! Dena’s jewelry shop is finally coming to fruition online. And in memory of Prince, Dena dug up some rare vinyl. Sorry for some fuzzy audio this time; we’ll do better with practice.

Defriending Dena, AZ Cards & the garbage can, elections, and nucular joolery relators

We are in a ranting sort of mood this week. Dena and Stu are making each other laugh – we hope it works over the internet. As we get close to primary election day in Arizona, we’re missing something in our early mail-in ballot envelope. And are you getting time-wasting, cell-minute-wasting calls? Be sure to leave us a comment below – and thanks!!