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Defriending Dena, AZ Cards & the garbage can, elections, and nucular joolery relators

We are in a ranting sort of mood this week. Dena and Stu are making each other laugh – we hope it works over the internet. As we get close to primary election day in Arizona, we’re missing something in our early mail-in ballot envelope. And are you getting time-wasting, cell-minute-wasting calls? Be sure to leave us a comment below – and thanks!!

We’d love you to like us, plus a great movie you’ve never heard of

Hi! Hope you’ve got Mom’s day all taken care of, if you’re fortunate to have Mom or someone like her in your life. We’ll┬átalk about a movie for adults that she’ll probably love, Avatar for Blueray novices, and why you should never ignore Dena. Enjoy! ~ stu