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Big Shoe Stu And Dena Fox – Once In A Blue Moon

EMPE, AZ – JULY 28: Jen Welter puts on an Arizona Cardinals helmet after being named an intern coach to the team during a press conference on July 28, 2015 in Tempe, Arizona. Welter, who will work with the inside linebackers through training camp and the pre-season, is the first female to hold a coaching position of any kind in the NFL. (Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images)

It’s been way too long since we talked. Let’s see what Stu and Dena are up to! It’s all about the Blue Moon, Dena on the set of “Hawaii 5-0”, and the Arizona Cardinals’ new assistant coach, Jen Welter. We’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Please leave a comment and/or like us on Facebook (Big Shoe Stu & Dena Fox).

Spring Training, Oscars and Plastic People, Roof and Slab Leaks

2002 First Pitch – Russ Knight, Brian Anderson, Stu, Tom Chambers

Stu & Dena FINALLY lay down another podcast, and as usual, we’re all over the board with a report on why we haven’t made it to a spring training game YET, plastic surgery and plastic people at the Oscars. Why was Liza snubbed? And what’s leaking at Dena’s house?  As always, your comments would be appreciated.

Stu Blabs About Go Daddy And Dena Will Hit Black Thursday – Seriously?

Big Shoe Stu and Dena Fox ride again, and it’s been a whole season since we last got together. There’s so much to talk about, including Dena’s support of over-fanatic merchants, and Stu’s new job. What kind of stuff happens when you call Go Daddy? A tale from the trenches!  And Dena is going shopping – big surprise there. But does she have to do it when she’s planning to do it?  Stu thinks not.  Be sure to leave us a comment, and feel free to ask any questions. Maybe we’ll talk about YOU next time. Click here to listen!

Stu’s Gonna Do What?? Plus Some Debate About The Debates

When we last left our heroes, “Big Shoe” Stu Evans and Dena Fox were discussing the next “opportunity”. Since John Flora and Trey Basha, great guys though they are, are not giving away free groceries, Stu may actually have to “work” for a living. Stop laughing and take a listen. Dena’s favorite time of year means she wants to see dots. And let’s talk about the debates and those endless campaign ads. Have you noticed they all have something in common?

Click to listen! Stu and Dena 121017

Now here’s a guy with the right idea. And if you can name the politician (his real name), you get extra points. Here’s a hint. he and Stu worked together from 1989 – 1993.


So What Is Big Shoe Stu Up To?


“Big Shoe” Stu Evans has let go of the hump and is no longer hanging on…again! On September 13, 2012, the nice folks at CBS Radio Phoenix informed us that they were “going in a different direction”, and that it was time to dismount the KMLE one more time.

Hey, not counting that last 19-month hiatus, it was a great 23 year ride, and that’s impressive in just about any career, let alone show business. Who do we have to thank? YOU. We’ve had some of the most interesting loyal listeners and friends anyone could hope for. And of course, a preposition is a terrible thing to end a sentence with.

We’ve gotten together for countless charity events, bar nights, beg-a-thons (we mean membership drives) for Arizona Public Television, concerts, school visits, and just about any other excuse to meet. We’ll still see each other on KAET (EIGHT) TV every now and then. And you’ll be hearing occasional bits of Stu for various clients like Ft. McDowell Casino, The Phoenix Open, Shooter’s World , and others.

Here’s something fun!

Dena Fox and Stu are planning on firing up the microphone here online within the next few days. We’ve been trying to get that going for about two weeks, and we keep getting pushed back. We’ll let Dena explain why.  Watch this space for that.

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