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Toys ‘R’nt’ Us, South Phoenix ‘R’ Growing, Baseball ‘R’ Expensive, Smells ‘R’ Free

Hey, it’s only been like half a year… Dena Fox and Big Shoe Stu keep promising more frequent and better podcasts. You’ll have to settle for this one. It’s about as random as we’ve ever been. Please leave a comment, and let us know if you don’t want those Cactus League baseball tickets. We’ll be happy to take ’em off your hands.

Spring Training, Oscars and Plastic People, Roof and Slab Leaks

2002 First Pitch – Russ Knight, Brian Anderson, Stu, Tom Chambers

Stu & Dena FINALLY lay down another podcast, and as usual, we’re all over the board with a report on why we haven’t made it to a spring training game YET, plastic surgery and plastic people at the Oscars. Why was Liza snubbed? And what’s leaking at Dena’s house?  As always, your comments would be appreciated.