So after a week waking up REAL early…

Dena Fox and I remembered how rough the dawn patrol can be. Now, if you are among my friends who work that 4A – Noon shift, I understand that you probably love getting up when it’s still dark, and the temperature is a comfortable 90 degrees (yuk!). But for me, kind of a night owl, I just don’t know which end is up, or even what day it is.

We had an absolute blast doing the morning show on 102.5 KNIX.  If you missed it, we’ll try to give you better warning next time we’re on-the-air.   It wasn’t until Friday that we realized that Ben & Matt had never had guest hosts while they were on vacation, so we were very honored, and grateful for the opportunity.  It was so wonderful hearing from our friends on the phone – I had forgotten how many people we spoke to at KMLE on a regular basis.  We had a twenty year relationship, and while we never took it for granted, it felt more like a family reunion than I would have guessed.

As we said at the end of our broadcast last week, there is no “plan” for what comes next.  So we will try to keep you updated if and when Dena or I turn up on-the-air again.  We have talked about doing a podcast – I have a little home studio, so it wouldn’t be too tough.  Maybe…

Thanks again for the great comments, and the warm welcome.  I hope we got to hang out with you at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill at Mesa Riverview on July 31; that was a large time.  The group Trailer Choir really knows how to bring a party.  What they did to capture the crowd with just two acoustic guitars and a beat box was nothing short of amazing.  Keep an eye and ears on these guys – it’ll be fun to see how far they’ve progressed this time next year.

Have a great week!  -stu

7 thoughts on “So after a week waking up REAL early…

  1. It was nice to hear you on the radio again. I haven’t really listened to much country radio since the major programing change at KMLE. I felt personally hurt and betrayed by the management at KMLE and sent them an email telling them that I won’t listen to their station again…and I haven’t. I got in my wife’s car in the morning to go get gas for her and she had KNIX on the dial. It was nice to hear you guys. I miss you. I hope to hear from you guys more in the future.

  2. I missed you in the morning, but I caught you on the drive home yesterday and today. Made it feel like a real afternoon again. 🙂 Great to hear your voice again.

  3. Hey Stu, it was great listening to you today on KNIX! My wife, Lorna aka Girl who smell like goat, got to talk with you awhile and was very pleased to hear that you will be doing some part time gigs. Keep us all up to date as to what those are so we can listen in. Take care amigo!

    ROCK ON!

  4. I was on my way home from going back to school this week… and I did a double take when I heard you in the afternoon. I was so excited! It is amazing to hear you out there again. I can only hope it continues. KMLE was just not the same, as Russ said. You and others were the best, are the best, and I will listen where ever you go… best wishes.

  5. Hi Stu,
    I am sorry I missed you on the air. We were on vacation in Baltimore/DC that week. Just heard from a friend that you and Dena were on KNIX. It’s hard for us to get that station hear, but I will definitely be checking frequently to hear you guys! Sure have missed you!
    Take care!
    Linda (Thatcher)

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