Welcome (finally) to www.bigshoestu.com

After a couple of false starts, we’re finally up and running.  The whole site is obviously a work in progress, but I thank you very much for your patience.  I know some friends have been checking back almost daily to see if I’m posting.  If you were here a month or two ago, I’m sure you’re wondering what happened.  Well let’s just say that when I went change my hosting plan, a slight adjustment turned into – “you’ve lost everything, and it’s not coming back”.  It could have been worse.  I only posted a few things, so we’ll just crawl back to square one together, OK?

My biggest disappointment is that I lost some wonderful comments, and I can’t thank you enough for posting yours.  If you want to re-send what you had posted before, I’ll do my best to publish it again.

9 thoughts on “Welcome (finally) to www.bigshoestu.com

  1. Is it REALLY you Stu?!?!?!?! I could hardly believe my ears this AM when I was surfing the radio stations & hear you & Dina!!!! Are you permantly on that station’s payroll?? Will we be able to hear you & Dina from now on….on that radio station!?!?!?! My family & I have missed both of you.

  2. It’s been great listining to you this week on KNIX. I, like many others, stopped listening to “that other station” when you and Dena and the morning crew left. I did try to stay since that was the ONLY country station I had listened to for the past 11 1/2 years, but just didn’t like it anymore. Started listening to KNIX and forgot how much I like Ben and his voices!!! This week was a great treat!!!

    Heather (formerly Mackie, used to talk to you when HG was still around)

  3. Great to hear you and Dena on the radio this week. I emailed KNIX and asked them to consider putting you two on as their afternoon team. Keep us posted on what you are up to! I stopped listening to that “other station” after the rude way they got rid of their morning and afternoon teams. Best wishes.

  4. Was glad to hear you and Dena back on the air. I sent an email to KNIX asking to find you guys a permanent time on the radio.

  5. Stu,
    I just happened to catch you and Dena late Thurday afternoon on KNIX. It was SO good to hear you. It was then I realized what sets you apart from others who have been on various stations in the valley — there’s no pretense or ego about you. You just do the best job you can do for the people listening to you. You don’t have a big head about who you are or where you are.

    Ditto what everyone else said about you finding a home at KNIX. I, too, left the KMLE when you did and haven’t returned.

  6. Hi Stu!

    The site is looking great – had a blast with you doing the KNIX morning show a couple of weeks ago while Ben & Matt were on vacation.

    It’s such a treat to read the kind comments here from so many nice folks..that we miss talking to on a daily basis!

    Happy birthday! I hope you get a new pair of 15AA’s 🙂


  7. Another sad day at KMLE. Gwen and Westy were both let go! I won’t listen to that station again…..

  8. Stu it’s Wanda you and HG got me through my chemo. Well this June 10th it was 10 years cancer free. I will always remember how you two were there for me. You will never know how much that meant to me. When I saw you at HG’s memorial service here you were concerned about my being out in the sun because of my lupus. Then you graciously invited me to sit with your family. I miss HG and I miss talking to you. Thank you for everything you did for me. God bless and love you dearly.

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