We should have done this a year ago…

So Dena Fox and I were coming back from a lunch meeting, and I said, “Let’s grab a microphone and see what happens.” THIS is what happened.

It’s unrehearsed, humorous, occasionally lame, and a lot of fun. We’re gonna try to do this once a week or so. Would you please forward the link to your friends, or anybody who might be curious what we’re doing these days? And if you have any ideas or suggestions for future podcasts, let us know.

Thanks! We love you for listening!

1 thought on “We should have done this a year ago…

  1. Hey guys!

    Its so great to hear your voices again! I was an avid listener many years ago, And moved out of state, and after moving back and finding out you you all were gone was heartbreaking. Losing one or two of the best radio hosts in the world would have been bad enough but all of them has been devastating. Listening to this Podcast brought a huge smile to my face!

    Thanks so much, and I cant wait to hear more from you.

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