And we’re back for more…

We had such a good time doing this last week that Dena and I made an appointment (imagine that – an appointment) to sit down and talk to you again. We’re going to try to do this every week and see how long we stick to it. Please feel free to send us any comments. Even if it doesn’t show up on the page, you can be sure we read it. And let us know if there’s something you want us to talk about. Oh by the way, we are now an official selection on the iTunes podcast store. So you can subscribe to our little project, and put it on your iPod very easily.  If you’re having any trouble just clicking and hearing the audio, ask your kid how to do it, and check on the top of your browser window to see if it’s trying to give you Windows Media Player or Quick Time or something like that. That won’t hurt your computer (I know, don’t take our word for it), and you will be able to hear other things on other web pages. Once again – ENJOY! And thanks for visiting! ~ Stu (and Dena)

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