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Express Lane Suckage, A Bigger Shoe Than Stu, Movies We Don’t Want To Spoil For Dena

This is NOT Arizona - just seeing if you're paying attention.

Happy Holidays!  It has been way too long since we communicated, and that’s just wrong. Hope you’ve missed us. Please leave a comment, and especially, let us know about any amazing DVD’s we absolutely have to rent over the Christmas – New Year week. We don’t want to watch any duds! ~ stu & dena

Movies! David at the Snackbar is back & you bank online, right?

We’re back, and glad YOU are. At :07:54 in the podcast, we get a visit from our favorite movie critic, David Ramsey. Also, Dena is dragged into the 90’s by her bank, and Facebook is trying to like us. Have a great weekend, and please leave a comment. We like to hear what you think and suggestions about something we can talk about.