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Dena Has Already Been To The New Glendale Outlets, Plus Twinkie Extinction

It’s been open about 24 hours, so we know Dena Fox had to try the brand new outlet stores at Glendale Westgate. She scored some cosmetics, but got an unpleasant surprise. Stu’s still trying to figure out why anybody would put themselves through that.

Click to listen! Stu and Dena – 12/11/16

No more Twinkies? Or Ho-Ho’s? Or Cupcakes? Say it ain’t so!  You’ve probably noticed a Hostess shortage, and you might know the reason, but we had to talk about it.

And we give you an update on Stu’s newest adventures after radio. You can be part of the ending of that story – check it out in the first couple of minutes of today’s podcast.

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