Stu’s New J-O-B and Dena’s Cleansing

Hello my name is Stu (HI STU!) and my name is Dena (HI DENA). It’s been six months since our last Podcast, and we’re catching up on too many things. But especially, Stu’s new J-O-B, Dena available in hotel rooms in San Diego, both of us working together, separately with Jaques Pepin for EIGHT Arizona PBS, and the new joy of cleansing with Chia seeds.

Click here to listen!

Brazilian Jump Starts, Live TV Without A Prompter, And Free Mortgages

We’ve been away for far too long, mostly because they keep changing the blogging technology, and Stu’s too inept to handle it all.  But here we are again!  Dena’s just back from Brazil, and she’ll teach us a little (very little) Portuguese.  Stu hosted another beg-a-thon on PBS EIGHT, and we find a bank offer we might be able to refuse.

Stu and Dena June 10, 2011 – click to listen!