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Stu’s Gonna Do What?? Plus Some Debate About The Debates

When we last left our heroes, “Big Shoe” Stu Evans and Dena Fox were discussing the next “opportunity”. Since John Flora and Trey Basha, great guys though they are, are not giving away free groceries, Stu may actually¬†have to “work” for a living. Stop laughing and take a listen. Dena’s favorite time of year means she wants to see dots. And let’s talk about the debates and those endless campaign ads. Have you noticed they all have something in common?

Click to listen! Stu and Dena 121017

Now here’s a guy with the right idea. And if you can name the politician (his real name), you get extra points. Here’s a hint. he and Stu worked together from 1989 – 1993.