What Makes A Woman Desirable?

This time we get into a discussion that Dena thinks is too deep. Stu keeps pushing, and in the end, we’re out to solve a mystery which has plagued mankind, and woman-kind, for centuries. Ask.com has come up with a very interesting list of incredibly desirable women. But what are the standards? And can we agree on what makes men desirable to women?

Stu & Dena 121211

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Dena Has Already Been To The New Glendale Outlets, Plus Twinkie Extinction

It’s been open about 24 hours, so we know Dena Fox had to try the brand new outlet stores at Glendale Westgate. She scored some cosmetics, but got an unpleasant surprise. Stu’s still trying to figure out why anybody would put themselves through that.

Click to listen! Stu and Dena – 12/11/16

No more Twinkies? Or Ho-Ho’s? Or Cupcakes? Say it ain’t so!  You’ve probably noticed a Hostess shortage, and you might know the reason, but we had to talk about it.

And we give you an update on Stu’s newest adventures after radio. You can be part of the ending of that story – check it out in the first couple of minutes of today’s podcast.

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Stu’s Gonna Do What?? Plus Some Debate About The Debates

When we last left our heroes, “Big Shoe” Stu Evans and Dena Fox were discussing the next “opportunity”. Since John Flora and Trey Basha, great guys though they are, are not giving away free groceries, Stu may actually have to “work” for a living. Stop laughing and take a listen. Dena’s favorite time of year means she wants to see dots. And let’s talk about the debates and those endless campaign ads. Have you noticed they all have something in common?

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Now here’s a guy with the right idea. And if you can name the politician (his real name), you get extra points. Here’s a hint. he and Stu worked together from 1989 – 1993.


The “Big Shoe” Stu And Dena Show Rides Again – Again!

We’ve been promising a podcast for a couple of weeks, and now “Big Shoe” Stu Evans (size15AA shoes) and Dena Fox return with more mayhem.   It’s been almost two years since we tried this, and it’s hard to cover too much in a quick show. So, today we tell you what we’ve been up to, what Stu’s doing next, and where you can hear Dena’s beautiful voice around the world. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and maybe, just maybe, you can subscribe on iTunes if that link is still working.

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So What Is Big Shoe Stu Up To?


“Big Shoe” Stu Evans has let go of the hump and is no longer hanging on…again! On September 13, 2012, the nice folks at CBS Radio Phoenix informed us that they were “going in a different direction”, and that it was time to dismount the KMLE one more time.

Hey, not counting that last 19-month hiatus, it was a great 23 year ride, and that’s impressive in just about any career, let alone show business. Who do we have to thank? YOU. We’ve had some of the most interesting loyal listeners and friends anyone could hope for. And of course, a preposition is a terrible thing to end a sentence with.

We’ve gotten together for countless charity events, bar nights, beg-a-thons (we mean membership drives) for Arizona Public Television, concerts, school visits, and just about any other excuse to meet. We’ll still see each other on KAET (EIGHT) TV every now and then. And you’ll be hearing occasional bits of Stu for various clients like Ft. McDowell Casino, The Phoenix Open, Shooter’s World , and others.

Here’s something fun!

Dena Fox and Stu are planning on firing up the microphone here online within the next few days. We’ve been trying to get that going for about two weeks, and we keep getting pushed back. We’ll let Dena explain why.  Watch this space for that.

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