Stu Blabs About Go Daddy And Dena Will Hit Black Thursday – Seriously?

Big Shoe Stu and Dena Fox ride again, and it’s been a whole season since we last got together. There’s so much to talk about, including Dena’s support of over-fanatic merchants, and Stu’s new job. What kind of stuff happens when you call Go Daddy? A tale from the trenches!  And Dena is going shopping – big surprise there. But does she have to do it when she’s planning to do it?  Stu thinks not.  Be sure to leave us a comment, and feel free to ask any questions. Maybe we’ll talk about YOU next time. Click here to listen!

Stu’s New J-O-B and Dena’s Cleansing

Hello my name is Stu (HI STU!) and my name is Dena (HI DENA). It’s been six months since our last Podcast, and we’re catching up on too many things. But especially, Stu’s new J-O-B, Dena available in hotel rooms in San Diego, both of us working together, separately with Jaques Pepin for EIGHT Arizona PBS, and the new joy of cleansing with Chia seeds.

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Belated Happy New Year 2013, Is It Soup Yet? Plus Amish Mafia

Hi and Happy New Year! Dena and Stu are thrilled to share the excitement of soup and the Amish Mafia. If you’re not watching, it could be the next Pawn Stars, or Storage Wars, or Ice Road Truckers.

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What happens when you record a podcast and wait the better part of a week before you upload it? Well for one thing everything is outdated, such as the references to how darn cold it’s been here in Arizona. As we put this up on Monday, January 21, 2013, the temperatures have swung the other way to about 82 the rest of this week.

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What Makes A Woman Desirable?

This time we get into a discussion that Dena thinks is too deep. Stu keeps pushing, and in the end, we’re out to solve a mystery which has plagued mankind, and woman-kind, for centuries. has come up with a very interesting list of incredibly desirable women. But what are the standards? And can we agree on what makes men desirable to women?

Stu & Dena 121211

Plus, did you get a chance to see The Boss (Bruce Springsteen…duh) in concert last week? What did you think?  Feel free to leave your comments or tweet us @bigshoestu, or like us on Facebook here or here!

Dena Has Already Been To The New Glendale Outlets, Plus Twinkie Extinction

It’s been open about 24 hours, so we know Dena Fox had to try the brand new outlet stores at Glendale Westgate. She scored some cosmetics, but got an unpleasant surprise. Stu’s still trying to figure out why anybody would put themselves through that.

Click to listen! Stu and Dena – 12/11/16

No more Twinkies? Or Ho-Ho’s? Or Cupcakes? Say it ain’t so!  You’ve probably noticed a Hostess shortage, and you might know the reason, but we had to talk about it.

And we give you an update on Stu’s newest adventures after radio. You can be part of the ending of that story – check it out in the first couple of minutes of today’s podcast.

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